Information or Photograph Request?
Please read the following before requesting...

INFORMATION SEEKERS: You've explored The Monorail Society Website. You've explored our Links Page, but you still need more information? First let us reiterate that we are an all-volunteer organization. All officers of The Monorail Society (TMS) have careers outside of their work in the organization. Most of our time with TMS is spent researching monorail news, updating the website and processing memberships.

Unfortunately, we do not have the time or resources to ship or e-mail information on monorails, cost comparisons, technical data, photographs, etc. However, we have already spent over twenty five years researching monorails to bring you the free information you have found on our website. We regret that we are not able to comply with the hundreds of requests we receive. We appreciate that monorail information can sometimes be difficult to come by, that's why we established TMS and The Monorail Society Website. There are over 580 pages of content on The Monorail Society Website! Be sure that you have thoroughly searched the site, the information you seek may be there if you spend some time to search.

If you still require additional information, we recommend that you contact the people who know much about monorails, the manufacturers. To this end, in February of 1999 we added the Monorail Manufacturer List to the TMS Website. We also sell the comprehensive book Monorails: Trains of the Future-Now Arriving. Other items are available in our Monorail Store as well.

We also recommend joining our membership in The Monorail Society facebook page and The Monorail Society Discussion Group. If you are a TMS member, you are welcome to join these groups and ask questions there. Many times our group participants are able to answer your question.

Are you interested in acquiring or using TMS photographs? Please visit our Copyright Page.

STUDENTS AND TEACHERS: This website is available for use in academic projects. Again, we are unable to provide free research and data upon request. However, you are welcome to extrapolate TMS information for your paper(s). We request proper acknowledgement of The Monorail Society in your footnotes.

Thank you for your interest in monorail!