A new breed of monorail is being developed. It is still a young enough technology that there are more questions than answers. How capable is it and is it too expensive to build? There is currently great interest in maglev. The Monorail Society recognizes the great progress that maglev developers have made in recent years. We look forward to seeing maglevs in operation so promoters will have a chance to back up their claims of maglev's advantages with statistics from real revenue operations. Will maglev prove itself to be an economic success and change ground transportation? We should have the answer in the 21st Century. While the story unfolds, we are watching with great interest.

graphic courtesy of Transrapid

While The Monorail Society's main focus has been on the promotion and appreciation of proven monorail technology, ignoring maglev because it follows the guideway differently would be a mistake. Within these pages The Monorail Society focuses on maglevs that share the same characteristics as monorail, hence our title "Maglev Monorail." While some of the tracks for maglev are much wider than many monorails, the trains that run on them are wider than the guideway, and therefore meet the criteria of our definition of monorail. Are those tracks too wide for public acceptance? That remains to be seen, and we won't shy away from discussing potential negative aspects of the mode as well as positives. The promise of trains with aircraft speeds in safety is very enticing, perhaps maglev monorail's time has come.

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