Monorail Editorials

  • Airplanes and Monorails - 100 years. By Kim A. Pedersen. Yes, there is a historical link!
  • Fire and Evacuation. By Kim A. Pedersen. Swift evacuation must be possible.
  • Light Rail construction Photo Essay. By Kim A. Pedersen. Look at these, then check out monorail construction.
  • Looks Matter. By Kim A. Pedersen. Various thoughts on aesthetics.
  • Make Mine Walk-Through. By Kim A. Pedersen. Why walk-through trains make more sense. (updated 12/26/11)
  • Media Promotion for Monorail. By Tom Woods Ph.D. Ideas on how to get monorail into the minds of citizens
  • Monorail - an excellent choice for Seattle. Words ignored in favor of trains in traffic.
  • Monorail Costs. By Van Wilkins. Van addresses one of the most discussed aspects of rail.
  • Monorail Museum - A Proposal. By Kim A. Pedersen. It's time to start thinking seriously about a dream.
  • Monorails still hold promise. By Keith Walls. Written in the aftermath of the Walt Disney World monorail's only fatality in 2009.
  • Question to News Media: Simpsons References to Infinity? By Kim A. Pedersen (2014). No matter how legit the monorail is, why does that cartoon keep coming up?
  • Seattle: a post-mortem commentary. By Greg Vassilakos. TMS member Vassilakos summarizes the downfall of the Seattle Monorail Project.
  • Seattle: Extend the Monorail! (but just a little). By Kim A. Pedersen (2012). Long extension proposals have failed, why not one small step first?
  • State of the Art. By Keith Walls. A look at how monorail has progressed since 1999 ( 2013).
  • The Costs of Transit. By Dick Falkenbury. Dick points out that there are costs and then there are costs.
    Commentary from Officers and members of The Monorail Society. The opinions expressed here are those of the writers and not necessarily that of the entire membership of The Monorail Society.